How we started

Our History

When we decided to start a payment processing company in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, we were determined to become the most proficient and reliable partner to high-risk enterprises. We can provide you with secure and transparent merchant services.


We Make It Better

Our mission is to get expedited approval for high risk merchants and to provide fully transparent merchant services at competitive rates.

Owner of Restaurants

Giacomino Drago

When I partner up with a company I want to make sure they will treat me as I treat my clients- in a personalized way with high attention to detail. Reliant simplifies my life by being always present when we need them so I can spend my time focusing on the growth and success of my business.

Dr. Andrew P. Ordon

Reliant is much more than a Credit Card Processor. They are my merchant consultants and protectors of high credit card fees. From the start, the team members have gone out of their way to ensure that all of my needs were met. Reliant is constantly monitoring my transactions and regularly contacting my office to make sure our needs are taken care of. As a physician, my job demands my full attention and I am thankful to Reliant for taking such a great care of the Merchant Service side of my business.

John Davison

When you’re a high risk industry, it’s extremely difficult to find a reliable and secure merchant service provider. I was lucky to know some people who’ve already been working with Reliant. They recommended me their services, and honestly I haven’t regret doing business with them. They’re always here for me, available when I have some concerns and questions. Their team is professional, keeping me up to date, taking care of my account. I’ll recommend them to any business considered as high risk industries.

Brianna Keys

We’ve lost so many customers because we couldn’t take credit cards. We’re considered high risk, so we don’t have much choice when it comes to choosing banks to work with. When we signed up with Reliant and started accepting credit cards, our profit increased significantly. Now we have way more customers than before. Reliant helped us a lot! Their team is really dedicated and takes good care of our account. We get all the information on time and we can absolutely rely on them.




We founded our company because we recognized the need for dedicated services. This is the year in which we are making our way to the market.



Milestone achieved

We were able to position ourselves well in the market, and thus win over a lot of companies to work with us by providing reliable service at all times.


Business growth

Over 500 clients

We now have over a 500 satisfied clients and getting even more each day. We rely heavily on our clients recommendations as we understand trust is earned constantly.


New developments

Future plans

Having enough experience and knowledge, our main goal and plan for the future is to fully focus on high risk merchants, helping them stay in the business.


We are Growing

When we first started processing, in 2014, we managed to process close to $30 million through our portfolio. In 2015 we expanded, having more and more clients, and we processed over $180 million. Now, being on the market for 4 years and doing business successfully, we reached $1 billion mark in processing.

Year 2016 : $15.000.000

Year 2015 : $1,000,000

Year 2014 : $100,000


Our Process

It’s now easy to have a secure high risk merchant account. All you need to do is fill in the documentation and we’ll do the rest. Follow the steps below and become our partner now!

Step 1 : Apply HERE !

We can start helping you in 3 easy steps.

Step 2 : Documentation !

Fill in the PRE MPA form and upload the additional files if needed.

Apply HERE !

Step 3 : Start processing !

Start processing – As soon as you complete these steps, you can start taking credit cards. It’s that easy!