Reliant Card Processing Inc. offers one of the best Agent programs in the United States. You don’t need to be an expert in merchant services to qualify for our program. All you need is focus and determination; we will help you with all the rest. Our educational program is designed to help you understand the industry and how to offer our merchants the support they need. Our simple and explicative material will give you the tools you need to start signing new merchants and earning a great compensation.  In addition our regional managers will be working closely with you to help you grow your book of business. The best part of it is that you won’t be a simple employee, you will be a partner. You will have the freedom to plan your own hours of operation. In other words, you will be your own boss. Whatever your job/activity may be right now, you can perfectly accommodate your time as you wish.

Here are a few highlights of the programs we have in place for agents:

  • Lifetime residuals up to 50% of net revenue
  • Weekly and monthly bonuses
  • Car allowance
  • Free Marketing Material
  • Local Manager assistance 24/7
  • Free Statement Analysis
  • Pre-set appointments with clients
  • Activation bonuses starting at $100
  • $3000 bonus when you activate 30 merchants within your first 90 days
  • No Liability/ No risk for agents

Whatever you job may be, you just need feel hours of dedication according to your own needs to start making money with us!  Get Started Today!

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